The school works in partnership with a wide range of services and professionals to support learners so that they are challenged to reach their full potential. These services include:


  • Pupils with complex health care needs feel safe and secure in school as the school-based Paediatric nurse ensures that health care plans are in place and that staff are trained to implement them effectively (care plans and medication plans are available).
  • The school nurse visits on a regular basis and provides a weekly ‘drop in’ session for secondary pupils to discuss health issues or concerns, and if necessary access support.
  • A specialist health care team  support the school’s comprehensive Sex and Relationship Education programme by running ‘keeping safe’ and ‘relationships’ groups.
  • Physiotherapists, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists work with teachers to set individual targets each term, for pupils with complex needs.
  • Physiotherapists work in partnership with the school’s Conductive Educator to support and develop pupils’ physical skills.
  • The Occupational Therapist provides advice on appropriate exercises and resources for learners and supports the activities identified for a fine motor group.
  • Speech and Language Therapists work in partnership to provide support for the development of learners’ communication skills. They are also involved in the ‘Communication Forum’ that provides strategic direction towards a total communication environment.
  • CAMHS (Child and Adolescent mental Health Services) and CALDS (Child and adolescent learning Disability team) liaise with school and work together to provide consistency in approaches that are often the key to successful interventions.
  • The school has designated rooms for therapists and other support services to use. A range of clinics are held at the school - for example orthotic clinic, hearing aid. The school doctor also holds routine medicals on site.

Social Services

  • The school’s Pupil Liaison Officer links with key professionals in social services to support individual learners. She attends a range of pupil focused meetings, liaises with parents and carers and ensures continuity of information and care.
  • The involvement of the Transition Coordinator for 16+ is key to supporting the transition through to adulthood.


  • Educational Psychologists provide guidance for individual learners and support staff training.
  • Members of county Sensory Team deliver training and provide advice and support on a regular basis.
  • The Multi Sensory Impairment team provide support on a regional basis.
  • Professionals from health and sensory services are represented at trans-disciplinary meetings where appropriate targets for individual pupils with the most complex needs are agreed.


  • The school has a designated Careers advisor who is on site 2 days a week. He meets with learners and parents to give information about options and to support decisions for learners as they move into adulthood.
  • Denbighshire Work Opportunities representatives attend all post 16 Annual Review meetings to outline the services that are available for pupils when they leave school.


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