• May 7 Dosbarth Llandegla have all learned to cut fabric with pinking shears this week. We also used dandelions as a fabric dye and tried out some tie and dye techniques. Read more
  • May 7 Brilliant end to our Indian week, we celebrated The Holi festival of colour in true Tegid fashion!! 🇮🇳🎨😂 Read more
  • May 7 Amazing AAC work in the shop today, great use of social language and labelling money, well done Tegid you super stars!! 🌟🌟 Read more
  • May 7 This is the life 😀#ytmhaul Read more
  • May 7 Famau has been stewing dandelions to prepare dyeing materials for Llandegla’s tie-dyeing project, using a double fire set up so they could cook their pasta bolognese at the same time Read more