Post 16


The curriculum in the 16-19 Phase offers an experiential learning programme in practical, real life situations.

Students are given opportunities to develop the skills and personal qualities necessary to maximise their level of independence at work, at home and out in the community.

Areas of focus include shopping, cooking, travel-training, community awareness, leisure, P.S.E., R.E. and world of work. The development of the essential skills of Communication and Numeracy are embedded in all activities.


The Post 16 department is the bridge between school and college, training or the work place. The students or their families have chosen our life and work skills course. Our students are given steadily increasing opportunities to develop self-reliance which in turn develops confidence and self-esteem. We encourage students to behave in a mature manner and to take responsibility for their own actions.


The main aim of our Post 16 provision is to prepare each student for their next stage in life; college, supported/independent living and work. Priorities for each student to overcome the main barriers to their next step are discussed with the student and their families. These are then targeted with a series of long term and short term Individual Education Plan targets. Essential skills with a focus on speaking and listening, functional writing, reading, money, time, measurement, solving simple number problems and digital competency are the primary focus in all activities.

Learners can access our 16-19 provision for one, two or three years as appropriate to their needs, and as agreed with parents and carers. The nature of each learner’s route can be tailored on an individual basis. For example, some learners will spend more time focusing on their employability skills via an extended work experience placement (one day per week throughout the school year), while others may spend more time developing their life skills in school and the local community.

Typically, learners will follow one of two main pathways identified overleaf, both of which lead to recognised accreditation; Towards Independence (Pre Entry to Entry 1) or Employability (Entry 2 or 3)

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