Staff List

Senior Leaders

Mrs R O’Neill Headteacher
Mr P Thomas Deputy Headteacher

Middle Leaders

Mrs S Griffiths Secondary Supported Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Torok Explorational Curriculum Leader
Mr S Matthews Post 16 Curriculum Leader



Miss A Conning
Mrs A Edwards
Mrs K Edwards
Mrs A Davies
Ms K Forrest
Mrs S Gallagher
Miss C Herrod
Mrs F Hoare
Mrs B Malcolm Smith
Mrs L McDermott
Mrs D Thorn
Mrs W Williams

Support Team

Mrs N Newell Business & Finance Manager
Mrs J Hand Administration & Organisational Support (Grange Road)
Miss N Archer Administration & Organisational Support (Ffordd Derwen)
Mr P Tiedtke Data & IT Manager
Ms S Shepherd Pastoral Inclusion Manager
Mrs N Harris Communication Co-ordinator
Mr D Lloyd Caretaker


Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Davies  
Miss H Flynn  
Mrs S Nelson Work Experience Co-ordinator
Mrs A Rogers Manual Handling Trainer
Mrs K Shield Manual Handling Trainer
Mrs P White Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator
Mr J Barlow  
Mr R Brown  
Mrs H Cobham  
Miss A Cook  
Mrs J Davies  
Miss L Dean  
Miss S Diggle  
Mrs T Docherty  
Mrs N Elliott  
Mr A Evans  
Miss I Evans  
Ms L Evans  
Mrs F Finnigan  
Ms S Greenslade  
Mrs J Harris  
Mrs D Hill  
Mrs C Hilton  
Mr T Inns  
Miss A Johnson  
Mrs E Jones  
Miss K Lee  
Miss T Lovelock  
Miss A Mangan  
Mr D Mathias  
Miss F Mariette  
Miss M O'Keeffe  
Mr P O'Neill  
Miss S Perry  
Mrs D Pike  
Mrs L Randles  
Miss L Robinson  
Miss E Roberts  
Mrs S Roberts  
Mrs C Ross  
Mrs F Rushton  
Mrs K Smith  
Miss K Staley  
Miss L Tomkinson  
Mrs R Vaughan  
Miss C Williams  
Mrs S Williams  
Mrs S Worthing  

Latest Tweets


  • June 24, 2021 We had a fascinating TEAMS visit from Green Squirrel about the effects of climate change and we created a warming stripes sculpture showing over a hundred years of climate change at a glance Read more
  • June 24, 2021 Wow 👏🏻this is totally amazing thank you for supporting 💙we hope you all enjoyed taking part and hope you will support us again next year 👍🏻 Read more
  • June 24, 2021 A huge well done to all pupils, staff and all involved in . We raised an outstanding total of £1487.05!! Congratulations to all involved and thank you for your support. Read more
  • June 24, 2021 A lovely day in the garden today. Lots of fantastic organisation, teamwork and communication 🥬🥕 Read more
  • June 24, 2021 We found out some interesting news on “Newsround” today. A giant panda had twins in Tokyo and they were tiny ! One of the pupils asked if he could draw them, and asked if his friends could too ! What a fantastic picture ! Read more
  • June 24, 2021 Next week is Dosbarth Haul are going to Greece. One of our pupils has written out our snack shopping list and also included the ingredients for a Greek salad. I for one can’t wait 😋 Read more
  • June 23, 2021 Seaside mark-making 🐠🐟 🌈 Read more